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Yiwu, is famous in the world for its biggest small commodity markets and tremendous goods.
The market was founded in 1982.
Within the passed 30 years, the market have been moved and extend constructed for 11 times.
Within the passed 30 years, the market bigger and bigger, more advanced and modern.
Now the market business area is cover 4,000,000 square metres.

Before 1998,almost all the goods were sold to all over the China. after 1998,Yiwu market begin to be famous in the world, more and more 
foreign businessmen come to yiwu for purchasing,over 13,000 foreign businessmen from more than 100 countries and regions live in yiwu 
for a long time for purchasing. Every day,more than 1500 containers are loading in yiwu.

Currently, Yiwu city, has been a small commodity city indeed, not only in the market,but also in the street…

Yiwu Market, also namely China Commodity Market,It is made up of two market groups, namely Yiwu International Trade Market (Futian market) and Huangyuan Market.

China Commodity Markets, were invested by Zhejiang China Commodity City Group Co.,Ltd   (CCC GROUP)  

Total 70,000 shops.
The products are exported to over 215 countries and regions
With 1700,000 kinds of commodities in over 4,202 categories of 16 industries.

2002,Yiwu international trade market gained the honor of "Value Quality,Honour Credibility"by General Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Public of China.
YiWu international trade Market gained the honor of "Five-Star Civilized & Normative Market"by Zhejiang industrial & Commercial Administration
On Sep.2006.Yiwu international trade Market gained the honor of "Contract Abiding,Trustworthy Enterprise"by State Administration For Industrial & Commerce.

On Sep.2006.Yiwu international trade Market gained the honor of "Model Market For Credibility of Zhejiang Province"by Zhejiang Industrial & Commercial Administration。


Everything you can find in yiwu market: 
Houseware, Decoration & Crafts, Jewelry, Toys, Flowers, Stationery, Cosmetics, Hardware, Textile, Knitting raw materials,Electric &  
Electronic,  Socks,  Garments & Accessories, Leather Goods, Bags & Box, Shoes, Sports, Bedding, Auto accessories, Car and motorcycle 
parts, African products,etc.

Besides the China Commodity Market, there are lignum market, Construction & upholster market,Macine and equipment market, 
Food market, an so on. 

 The Feature of Yiwu Market:
 The market ( total 70,000 shops) is opened every day, except Chinese New Year, when it will close for 8 days. 
  The opening time is 8 am and the closing time is 5 pm.
 Small quantity is accepted, you can mix lots of items (from different suppliers) in one container.
 All the prices in the market is the factory price.
 Most of the products are in stock, can deliver within 2 weeks.